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Victory Bible Baptist Church
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Porter Corners, NY 12859

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Pastor Dexter and Maribeth Taylor
Pastor Dexter and Maribeth Taylor

Worldly hope is an expectation based on a desire. Biblical hope is a confident expectation based on a promise. What is the source of your hope? DLT ...

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God says what He means and means what He says!! DLT ...

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Thanksgiving week we will have our annual Potluck and Bible Study on Tuesday evening at 6 PM instead of our usual Wednesday evening service. Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my Sweetheart and I will be traveling to VA to see some of our children and grand-children. Needless to say, we are looking so forward to this special time. The pictures below are missing our newest grandson, Jack Evans. DLT ...

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As I awoke to the beginning of a brand new day,
It seemed like waves of trials kept coming my way.
Problem after problem was all I could see,
I cried out, "Lord, what is it you want from me?"

The answer that came from the One Most High,
Was nothing but a very simple reply,
It was one unexpected, but yet rang so true,
It's something He desires from me and from you.


I want you to know Me as your Savior and Guide,
The One who will always be right there at your side.
I want you to serve Me through the good times and bad,
To sing praises to My Name whether you're happy or sad.

I want your faith to grow stronger as each day goes by,
To trust Me when there's no answers to your questions of "Why?"
To learn of My love and to feel My embrace,
When you're called to endure the hardships you face.

I want no one or nothing to take My place in your heart,
In whatever you should do, I want to take part.
Stand on My promises, let nothing cause you doubt,
In the end you will see that all things will work out.

So you see, My dear child, I want to be your all in all,
To depend on My presence when you stand or when you fall,
When you question just what is it that I want from thee?
My answer is EVERYTHING, as you are EVERYTHING to Me.


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Thank Your Dear Veteran!
I am thankful for our Veterans and for what they gave,
Their willingness to fight on our behalf our freedoms to save.
They left the comforts of their home to train to fight and die,
That would require them to sacrifice their health and some their very life.

Our soldiers, our champions they are,
To fight on our behalf and for us they carry the scar.
It may not be visible to the naked eye,
But it is what comes with war and the reality you may have to die.

When you enlist to be a soldier and for others freedom you will stand,
You realize you are not the first to place yourself under another’s command.
And as you prepare to fight at any battle station,
We thank you for your willingness to sacrifice for the good of our Nation.

May we never forget that FREEDOM is never free,
Someone must pay the price for a life of liberty.
The soldier for the body the price of freedom paid,
But Christ Jesus for the soul the sacrifice He made.

Dexter L. Taylor November 10, 2017

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This past Saturday, November 4th, 2017, the Family and Friends of Brother Donald Chandler celebrated his graduation to heaven. I was so blessed by the cooperation and help of the Chandler family and our own Church Family. It was such a wonderful thing to see! I praise the Lord for His great love for without it none of this would have been possible. Without the Lord's presence in our lives it would have have been all about me and my loss. But as it was I saw dozens of people setting aside their loss to comfort those with the greater loss: Brother Don's immediate family. Thank you to all those who brought food, This too was overwhelming. It was just wonderful. There was so much grace shown as folks worked together to comfort and support this dear family. Thank you all for everything. Pastor Dexter Taylor ...

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This week we will be a very tough week. As a Pastor I have many things I enjoy, but saying goodbye or even, "I'll see you later," isn't one of those things. This week one of our Church Family has left for home. Brother Don Chandler went home to be with our Saviour, Tuesday evening about 5 PM. Please pray for his family, his friends, his Church Family, and his Pastor. I certainly desire to be a comfort to all and to help in time of grieving for all that knew him. He has surely been a blessing to many over these years. Pastor Dexter L. Taylor ...

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God has never had an "UH OH!" moment! DLT ...

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Homes are a collective unit of Souls!

The ministry or the Church in the Home!

The program of the Church is the Family!

Every Soul is connected to a Family. Many families are broken, bursied, or dysfunctional, but God designed the family as the building block of this world in every culture. The demise of the family has brought the demise of the every culture. Revival of a culture will come when Churches begin to build existing family structures by starting at top and building our fathers to have a heart for God, a love for his wife, and they have a vision for their children. This vision must include the model of the love of God, His word, and His ways, between Dad and Mom and include the transfer of the love God, His word, and His ways to their children. The second step of this revival will be to rebuild these broken, bruised, and dysfunctional homes with the same tools as it takes to build existing homes. It may take more 1 Corinthians 13 love because it is most often easier to building something new than repain something broken. This is a monumental task that can only be done through the power of the Holy Spirit and instruction of the Word of God. Whether building or rebuilding it is a heart issue! DLT

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