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Pastor Dexter and Maribeth Taylor
Pastor Dexter and Maribeth Taylor
  • “Knowing, brethren beloved, your election of God.” – 1 Thessalonians 1:4
    Many persons want to know their election before they look to Christ, but they cannot learn it thus, it is only to be discovered by “looking unto Jesus.” If you desire to ascertain your own election;-after the following manner, shall you assure your heart before God. Do you feel yourself to be a lost, guilty […]
  • “Let not one of them escape.” – 1 Kings 18:40
    When the prophet Elijah had received the answer to his prayer, and the fire from heaven had consumed the sacrifice in the presence of all the people, he called upon the assembled Israelites to take the priests of Baal, and sternly cried, “Let not one of them escape.” He took them all down to the […]

Where has this Summer gone or for that matter, where has this year gone! This is the middle of July: the middle of the Summer already. Well, as the Spring has come and gone and now Summer is half over, what were your goals for the Summer? What did you say last Winter that you couldn’t wait till Summer got here so you could do__________? There are many times in our lives we spend our time longing for the future and totally miss the present. I am learning that every day is a gift. So, savor it, use it, enjoy it to its fullest potential. Those you love, express that love. Those you would like to see trust Christ as Saviour, seize every opportunity to witness to them, invite them to Church, seek to have a Bible study with them, share with them what a blessing your Church is to you, or testify to them about answered prayer. Time, as has been pictured above, is passing very quickly and with that our opportunities are also passing very quickly. What is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little, and then vanisheth away. James 4:14b You will never be sorry for the time you have invested in others, but you will for ever regret those missed opportunities…..

On a slightly different note, our 39th Anniversary as a Church is fast approaching. And, our emphasis for the last four years has been reaching souls for Christ with a major focus on the families of our families. What if this year every family started trying to get every member of their family, that is within driving distance, to be here on for our 39th Anniversary Service! October is our Anniversary month and to try to get the best weather possible I have chosen to have it as early in the month as possible. The 1st Sunday of the month is the 7th. So, we will celebrate this special event on October 7, 2018. This will give everyone time to plan and work very hard to get our families committed to come for this special day. This could be the greatest day in the history of our Church. Would you pray and commit yourself to doing all you can do to get everyone in your family committed to come on this special day? This will be a day in which we will recognize each family and the members of each family. Family is God’s design and has come under heavy attack from almost every side. The Church, as God’s heaven-sent institution, is doing everything in our power to build this institution. Will you do your part as a member of God’s Church?

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No I Will NOT Forward That To All My FB Contacts

I cannot begin to tell you how many hundreds of private messages I have received reporting to me me about something and then asking me to pass it on to all of my contacts. Here are a few examples.

They have closed a radio station for preaching the gospel.

A new movie called Corpus Christi is about to be released which depicts Christ and his disciples as a homosexual.

Facebook is now going to be a pay site and if I forward this to nine people I will get it free.

A certain person (and it has been quite a few different names) is a fake and if I accept them as my friend they will have access to all my contacts .

These are just a few samples of things people have sent to me. I have received hundreds of these reports all proclaiming these things to be true. The problem is they are not true. They are fake. Someone sent them to a person and they believed it. Then, they sent it to someone else. It goes on and on and on. In fact, some of these false reports have been around for several years. Why am I making a big deal about this? Let me explain

This is also the way we often treat information about people. We receive it as truth and have no idea whether or not it really is true. If we spread these things that are not true without verifying them, it is likely we would spread rumors and gossip about people without verifying them either. Many Christians are careless about what we spread about events, people and things. May I share some sensible principles regarding this.

1. Do not believe anything you read without verification. Verify! Verify! Verify! Do it before you believe it.

2. Don't spread anything you hear unless you know it's true and will edify other believers. I have been the object of many lies and accusations which are not true. I do not fight them nor do I argue with him. I do not defend myself because I know it is impossible to win that battle. What makes me sad is that it is hard to deal with what IS true when you are spending your time trying to clear up what is not.

3. Recognize the fact that most lies are based upon some truth. When I fact checked all these reports I discovered there was a seed of truth to most of them. Unfortunately what was being spread was totally wrong. Tragically what was spread seldom reflects the truth.

4. Stop being so quick to accept bad reports. I have learned to be very very cautious about accepting any bad reports about people or things. If I do not know it to be true I do not accept it as truth.

5. Stop trusting social media. Social media is destroying lives with lies. Social media is causing the truth to get lost in an ocean of untruths. Stop trusting social media as being trustworthy.

6. Caution others who spread bad reports about others to stop or you will block them. You do not need to know the bad about others. Apply Philippians 4:8 to all reports. Remember that you do not need to be discussing the things which are (allegedly) done in secret. (Ephesians 5:12)

We hear a lot about fake news in our day. Sadly, some of us who get angry at fake news are spreading fake reports not only about events but about people. STOP IT! To tell what you do not know to be true is a lie just as much as if you knew it was a lie. Speak the TRUTH in love. (DH)

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We never know what a day may hold, what we may face, or what change may come that we are not expecting. This past Monday, in the early morning hours, our Brother, Tom Millis, went home to be with the Lord. Our Monday schedule was suddenly changed. David Millis, his sisters, and their families lives changed in a moment. Their schedule for that day was changed by their Dad’s move from here to be with his heavenly Father. We never are fully assured of what is going to happen to us or those around us. But, there is one Person who doesn’t change. Our God doesn’t change! Though circumstances certainly change day by day, our Lord’s will doesn’t change. As the circumstances of life changes our responsibilities will change also. With the changes that have taken place in David’s life, his responsibilities have changed. Our loved ones have gone on, but their responsibilities live on. So, these responsibilities must be picked up by another. David will now have to assume all the responsibilities that were taken care of by Dad. This will not be an easy transition. So, David will need our prayers, emotional and Spiritual support, and our availability more now than he has ever needed them. ...

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“Father’s Day,” is a day that means different things to different people. There are many who didn’t have a good relationship with their father. There are still others who were abandoned by their father or their father died when they were very young and thus, never knew their father. Still other had a great relationship with their father and so has great memories of the past. These different memories of the past can sure bring conflicting feeling concerning this day we call “Father’s Day.” What our Heavenly Father intended and designed as a father and a mother is not what many people have come know and understand. So, when folks receive Christ as their Saviour and are “Born Again,” and realize they now have a Heavenly Father, it is difficult for them to see Him as a loving Father. This places a great responsibility on the Church to teach the Word of God to our men, women, and children. Our whole World is affected by what comes out of the home and the Church. I realize we can’t rewind time and change the past, but we can begin to lead people to Christ. See those get baptized and disciple them. Following God’s design for equipping the family carried out by His Church is the key to changing a society and ultimately changing our World. We also realize the failure to do this is the reason our World is in the condition it is in this present day. We do have a several of options. One: we can recognize the problem and begin to do what our Lord has commanded us to do and facilitate change. Two: we can recognize the problem and ignore it. Three: we can deny that there is a problem and continue to live as we have always lived. So, these options present us with some realities and some choices. The reality of where we are and why. The reality of the responsibility that each of must obey our Lord and follow His plan. Now the choices: one: if I am a Christian have I been discipled and if not, am I willing to be discipled? Two: If I have been discipled am I willing to make other disciples and disciple them? Now, as with any choices we make, the real work begins. Choices affect destiny: our own and the destiny of others.
So, what are your choices and how are you going to carry them out?

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One of the many amazing things in the ministry has been seeing people receive Christ as Saviour and change for God's glory. Part of this change is the burden for others to receive Christ as they have. Another wonderful change is when they take the talents and abilities and begin to use them for the Lord. One of our men came up with the idea to build a garden as a memorial for the next generation to remember those who had sacrificed and served the Lord faithfully over the years. Then several worked together to see this become a reality. One of those folks has risen to the occasion by supplying flowers, labor, and her talent to make this garden just beautiful. Thank you to all those who have invested and labored in this endeavor. DLT ...

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Tonight was a special blessing to me as a Pastor. Brother Carl Greene was called into the ministry through our ministry in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. He and his Sweetheart came to visit with us for several days. Tonight he preached for us and as I said before, this is always a blessing for any Pastor. Thank you Brother Greene. ...

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What a wonderful blessing today! We went to the Maplewood Cemetery checking when and where some of the soldiers served. We saw some who served in the Civil War as well as some that served in World War II. Then we went back to the Family Pavilion for a picnic and fellowship. ...

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Memorial Day remembrance. We are planning a special time of remembrance at 11 AM at VBBC. WE will meet at the Church before walking across the street to the Maplewood Cemetery for a time prayer for the families of those who gave their life for our freedoms. Also, to thank our Lord for the blessings we have from Him in our Nation. We will then move back to the Family Pavilion for a picnic. We are asking everyone to bring enough for their family and what they want to grill. Then we are asking everyone to take time at 3 PM for the recognized time for our Nation to pause in acknowledgement and honor for those who gave their lives defending our Nation. We are truly blessed. DLT

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As Bible believing people, we look at life and the issues we face through a different lens. When you look at what goes on around you and what you are personally going through in light of Scripture, it makes all the difference in the world. For instance, when Jonah was thrown into the Ocean and swallowed by the great fish, who threw into the Ocean? From Scripture it is plain to see that the Mariners threw Jonah into the Ocean. But, Who was behind the action of Jonah being thrown into the Ocean? Who sent the great fish? Where did the great fish take Jonah? Why didn’t it digest Jonah? How did Jonah stay alive inside the great fish? So, Who was actually behind the action of Jonah being thrown into the Ocean? The one who created Jonah and the one who created the great fish! He created both with a purpose! Our purpose is to glorify God in whatsoever we say, we eat, we drink, or we do. We are to do all to the glory of God. The Scripture teaches that, “…All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28 So, when heartache comes into the lives of saved people, what is God doing? Is it judgement? If it is, the individual will have to be the one to make that call. (Even if it is God’s judgement, it is still for our good and His glory.) If it is not God’s judgement, what is our Lord doing in our lives or with our lives? It could very well be that our Lord considered us as He considered His servant Job. God said of Job that he was a, “Perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God and escheweth evil.” Job 1:8 What a testimony! Several thousand years later Job’s testimony is still being published. Billions of people have been encouraged by his faithfulness, patience, and trust in God. Hoy many or who has been encouraged by how you responded to trial and heartaches? Has God judged you trustworthy to give you trials or circumstances with which you could glorify His name? What a different way to look at this life! Our prayer to our Lord should be, “Lord, give me eyes to see beyond the outward appearance: to see what you are doing in and through my life.” Something to ponder..... DLT

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Mother’s Day

There are many Mothers in the Bible noted,
With a heart for God and a life devoted.

Among those who in Christ’s genealogy are noted,
Are four who had no heart for God or life devoted!

But our heavenly Father in His wonderful GRACE,
Only named these four as Christ’s genealogy is traced.

The first one was Thamar who twin sons conceived,
By her father in-law who through deception she deceived.

The second, was Rahab who was called a harlot,
Who honored God and was protected by a thread of scarlet.

The third was Ruth, a Moabite, who married Naomi’s son,
Which formed a forbidden union that could not be undone.

The fourth was Bathsheba who bore Solomon by the King,
Though this marriage was made by such an evil thing.

But the Father through the BLOOD and His mighty GRACE,
Declares these Moms righteous, sins gone without a trace!

And so it is today that no matter how bad the start,
With BLOOD and GRACE applied, there comes a clean heart!

So, dear Moms with a pure or very tainted past,
Receive God GRACE, apply the BLOOD, to be clean and free at last!!!
DLT 2015

Though this poem was written 3 years ago, the truth is still valid, the grace is still real, and the blood of Christ still cleanses!

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